Do you want to see the guitar I came up with

Don’t know when I’ll get around to building/commissioning this so I thought I’d post the conception of it. Was trying to come up with a guitar that was actually designed well, elegant but without flourishes or anything “distinctive” in a corny way (on the headstock etc.). Something Dieter Rams could have come up with if Braun was ever in the instrument business. Also, for simplicity, I wanted to use existing designs (all Fender, it turned out). In case I end up just Warmoth/Allparts-ing it together.

Double-cutaway Telecaster body. Prototypical “snakehead” headstock, though in fact the idea came from my dad’s old Seagull acoustic. Jazzmaster pickups, and if I had my way, Electrical Guitar Company JM500 pickups specifically. Telecaster-style controls but with a standard toggle instead of the blade switch. Any make of hardtail bridge that doesn’t look too stupid.

In my head this has an extra-durable finish that precludes the need for a pickguard. Possibly powder coating or Imron paint, though in practical reality probably a modern poly finish works fine. I’m picturing an Inca Silver body with a maple fretboard, but that could change by the time I get around to this.

If you want to build this for yourself, go ahead, just hit me up so I can see the final product.

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